We Are Christ-Centered

We open our doors and our hearts to anyone wanting to know Christ and take part in our community. No matter the race, orientation, gender, anything. Everyone is welcome at First Presbyterian Church.


Our Beliefs

“We are called to celebrate God’s grace as a Christ-centered community of acceptance, growing in faith and living as Christ’s hands to serve.”

This is our mission statement that we say at the end of every worship service. Specifically, we believe:

First Presbyterian Church of Grand Haven belongs to the Presbyterian Church USA. You can learn more about the PC(USA) here.

Our Core values

1. We are Christ-centered.

We believe we see who God is and what God is doing in the world most clearly through Jesus. The church begins with Jesus, and knowing and obeying Jesus more fully is the ultimate goal of the church. We center our ministry on knowing Jesus and serving others in Jesus’ name.

2. We are better together.

We believe we are called to love each other and our neighbors, embracing differences as part of what makes us stronger. We are striving to be intentionally intergenerational, not merely multigenerational. We value that everyone feels engaged in faith and serves God both inside and outside of the church. We seek to be a home for all.

3. We are at the Heart of the Community.

We believe God has called us to be the at the heart of the community. From our beginning, we have been essential to the fabric of this community. We use our facility to welcome many community groups. Several nonprofits have launched from our church. We aim to grow as a force for good in our community in the years to come.

4. We are created to create.

We believe creativity is a God-given gift to be encouraged in all areas of ministry. Therefore, we strive for excellence in the arts in worship and throughout the ministry. We encourage creativity in the church, and we hold many events to support artists of all kinds in their talents. We aim to foster this creative desire in all ages.

AHistory of the First Presbyterian Church of Grand Haven

For over 170 years, First Presbyterian Church has been a telling presence in the Tri-Cities and beyond. The church was founded by the Rev. William Ferry in 1836, who settled here after floating down the Grand River on a canoe trip. Inspired by the natural beauty of the area and by the local need for spiritual leadership, he conducted the first worship service on November 2, 1834 in a local trading post. As interest grew, Grand Haven’s first church was formally established eighteen months later. William Ferry was also Grand Haven’s first mayor and post-master. Ferry Street in Grand Haven and the city of Ferrysburg are named for the Ferry family.

A window in our current sanctuary depicts the four buildings which have been home to our growing congregation. The window pictures the trading post in which the first worship service was held, the first building that was built on our current site in 1885, the “church house” that was built in 1911, and our current sanctuary which was built in 1955. Just as the Rev. Ferry’s first sermon was based on the text, “Do not despise small beginnings” (Zechariah 4:10), so the window pictures an acorn and an oak leaf. Great things can come from small beginnings.


Rev. Dr. Troy Hauser Brydon

Senior Pastor/Head of Staff

Rev. Dr. Troy Hauser Brydon is the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff, which means he writes sermons, visits with people over coffee, runs meetings (lots and lots of meetings), oversees the fantastic staff, reads books, and writes emails (lots and lots of emails). You’ll even see him living out his rock’n’roll dreams in the Gathering Band or singing with the choir (but he does that for fun, not work).

Rev. Kristine Aragon Bruce

Associate Pastor

Rev. Kristine Aragon Bruce Is the Associate Pastor, which means she doesn’t have to write as many emails and sermons as Rev. Dr. Troy Hauser Brydon but does have the privilege of working with the amazing staff and engaging in ministry alongside members of First Presbyterian Church.

Staff and Leadership

Sally Bryant

Media and Communications Coordinator

Laura Burns

Director of Children’s Ministries

Marc Felt

Gathering Band Leader

Hannah Post

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Sally Segers

Director of Joyful Noise Christian Childcare


The Session consists of Elders elected by the congregation to oversee the ministry and mission of the church. Current Elders are: Randy Abraham, Jan Blanchard, Tom Creswell, Sally Dunn, Tom Franks,Kim Goldman, Amy Geren, Ryan Girmscheid, Brock Hesselsweet, Ken Jackson, Karen Losee, Amy Miller, Gail Miner, Jill Osborne, Shirley Shuman, Courtney Ransford, Dan Qualls, Don Timmer, Melanie Ver Duin, Ann White, and Tom Wood.


Deacons are elected by the congregation to connect with and care for our homebound members and anyone in need of extra encouragement and support. Our current Deacons are: Kim Beber, Falecha Beveridge, Cal Bosman, Robby Cramer, Sheila Daniels, Bob Day, Gale DeKleine, Darlene Ford, Moni Franks, Linda Green, Deborah Leblanc, Carrie & Shawn Ledet, Ron Mass, Paul McNergney, John & Betsy Planteroth, Cathy Rusco, Tim Stoepker, Dick Tanis, Warren Trimble, and Gail Winters. 

We are called to celebrate God's grace as a Christ-centered community of acceptance, growing in faith and living as Christ's hands to serve.

Our Vision