Music is something we both hear and sing when we worship. This is related to the fact that worship is both call and response. The call of God reaches the depths of our hearts with special power through music, and our singing expresses with special power the deepest response of our hearts to God.

Music is the heart language of worship, and makes a difference in how everything else in the service goes. When we all have been lifted to the heights through music, the pastor and others who lead worship are inspired to preach and lead with greater freedom and power. Those who worship in the pews find their hearts and minds opened to hear more clearly and receive more fully the good news that is the gospel.


Artist & Speaker Series

FPGH has a long and established history supporting and promoting the arts as a means by which we demonstrate our hospitality, encourage intellectual pursuits, and nurture spiritual growth. We program an average of eight concerts per season, and since the program’s launch in 2008, we have welcomed thousands of people into our sanctuary for a wide range of concerts and events.

Community Artist Series events are free and open to the public. All are welcome.