Mission Breakdown

Local Organizations - $48,520
Community Artist Series - $8,000
Joyful Noise - $41,189
Hands to Serve - $2,000
Boy Scouts - $900
Youth Mission - $8,538
Administration - $16,475
World - $21,780
Presbytery Support - $48,038
Seminary/College Support - $8,000
Synod/General Assembly - $17,290

2013 pie chart

20+ Organizations Supported

In addition:

  • 1,418 pints of blood donated through our blood drives.
  • 120 meals served at Supper House in Muskegon Heights on any given night.
  • 875 people annually entertained by our Community Artist Series events.
  • 120 Angel Tree gifts donated.
  • Over 1300 Pastoral calls completed (home, hospital & phone).
  • 300 times annually Home Communion has been served to our shut-ins and convalescing members and friends.
  • Nearly 20,000 worshippers annually enter our doors.
  • Over 2 tons of food and paper products collected annually for area food pantries.
  • Joyful Noise Childcare receives free rent and utilities. Our employees handle their accounting, payroll, and maintenance.
  • $15,000 annually donated for prescription assistance.
  • Tri-Cities Ministries (TCM) is housed rent-free.
  • Our Pastors Discretionary Fund provides immediate relief to those in need.
  • Youth participate in mission trips.
  • Hands to Serve provides free manpower and supplies.
  • We sponsor Boy Scout Troop #246 not only with financial support, but with use of our church van.
  • Our Deacons call on the sick and deliver meals.
  • Refugee Resettlement continues to mentor refugees.
  • We continue to support Re-Member Mission.
  • Our website and Facebook page reaches out to all.
  • Regular communications sent to church via email/mail.

God doesn't need
our money

He wants what it represents. Our gratitude, our priorities and our faith...

Each $1.00 given is distributed the following way:
  • 14¢ to Children & Youth
  • 2¢ to Adult Education
  • 19¢ to Worship & Arts
  • 18¢ to Facilities
  • 9¢ to Caring Ministry
  • 20¢ to Mission
  • 18¢ to Administration

Maintaining the Home Base for Mission
We love to come here on Sunday and during the week as members of a family of faith. A church is really nothing more than the people of Christ who gather for worship and mission, but it certainly helps to have a beautiful place in which to shelter our gathering and our ministry. It is invaluable, as well, to have personnel and office operations to support what we do as a congregation.

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