First Presbyterian Church is a beacon of hope and comfort for its members and friends, the community and the world.

There are many reasons why each of us commits to being a member at FPC. For some, it’s the pastors and the worship services; for others, it’s the children’s and youth programs; for others still, it is the opportunity to continue to learn and grow in faith. FPC is our spiritual home, and each of us is vital to the health and life of our church.

  • What is an Estimate of Giving and why does it matter?

    An estimate of giving is a commitment of financial support for the upcoming fiscal year. Typically payments are made in increments – weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  You can give to the church without submitting an estimate of giving, of course.  But submitting an estimate of giving allows the church’s leadership to budget with confidence for the coming year.  It is very helpful to know how much income can be expected before making commitments regarding expenses.
  • How Much Should I Give?

    There are many ways to decide how much to give. One traditional way is “percentage giving,” calculating your giving by a percentage of your annual income. This is a biblical practice – dedicating the “first fruits” of your labor right off the top, rather than offering what remains after all other expenses are taken care of. Traditionally a tithe is understood to be 10%.  Some people at FPC give at this level, but not everyone is able to do so. If you are a first-time giver, consider giving 3-5%. If you already give annually, challenge yourself to raise the percentage of your giving with each new year. No matter what you give, the point is to discover and commit to a level of giving that honors God’s generosity to you and that increases your joy.
  • Are There Other Ways To Give, In Addition To Financial?

    Another way for you to give to the church is by giving the gift of your time. FPC could not function without the generous donations of our members’ time and talents. To find out about some of the available opportunities, click here.

  • Do I Have Options In Terms of Fulfilling My Giving?

  • There are many options for giving.  Payments can be made weekly using envelopes provided by the church, you can set up electronic payments through your bank, or another option is to use our secure online giving portal through our website. Contact the church office for more information.