The Worship Committee was asked to contact congregation members who might be willing to write and share letters to a book of the Bible. These letters are to be about a verse, character, chapter, book, or some lesson from the Bible and their reaction to it. The letter might not be what the person loves, but perhaps what they can’t live with — a so-called “Dear John” letter to that character or book.

As it was introduced to the Worship Committee, it was presented as a way to get members to read the Bible over the summer, looking at it in a different way and making a personal connection.

I’m challenging you as an individual or as a family to submit a letter for a book of summer love letters to be put together much as our Lenten and Advent devotions have been in the past for members of the congregation to read and enjoy.

If you choose to accept this challenge, please submit your letters to Sally Bryant at: To read some of the letters read in worship this summer, click on the links below: