Congratulations! We are pleased that you desire to be married in a service of Christian worship at First Presbyterian Church. The church is here to minister to the people and we consider it a great honor and a sacred trust to share in this important event in your lives.

A wedding in the church is a service of worship, therefore, everything in the service should be done to honor God, and to be a blessing for you, your families, friends and guests. When we gather for a wedding we regard every marriage to be a gift of God, given for the well-being of a particular couple, as well as the entire human family. Marriage is a covenant relationship through which a man and a woman are called to live out their lives together as disciples of Jesus Christ. The wedding ceremony is thus: The beginning of such a new relationship between a husband and a wife lived actively and intentionally in the presence of God.

In order to fulfill our commitment to you and help you have a very meaningful wedding service, we have developed a policy of church rules and guidelines. This information is designed to help you plan your wedding. It contains all the procedures, policies and fee structures. Please read this information carefully. If at any point you have questions or concerns you may contact the church office. It is our earnest hope and desire that you will be glad for the ministry of First Presbyterian Church now and in the days and years to come.


Pastoral Staff
Office Staff
Wedding Coordinators

Please contact the church office for our updated Wedding Policy: or 616-842-6760.