Our Mission: Affect people's lives by creating a culture of acceptance, where differences are valued,
and connections to one another are fostered in a Christ-centered church.

Hospitality and Outreach

If you have ever walked into a place where everyone else seems to know each other and you are the stranger, you know how important hospitality is. This is especially true in a church, where new people come looking for a community they can meaningfully get connected with. Warm and gracious hospitality really sets the stage for everything else they will experience in the worship service. Our Hospitality and Outreach Committee is committed to creating an atmosphere of love, fellowship, and excitement for everyone who enters the church and ensuring that all feel welcomed into God's house.

The Hospitality and Outreach Committee organizes many fellowship opportunities throughout the year, including:

  • several Sunday morning breakfasts during the year
  • the annual church picnic
  • Whitecaps baseball game outing
  • the Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfast and talent show

If you are interested in serving on the Hospitality and Outreach Committee, please contact the church office at 616-842-6760.