Joyful Noise Childcare is a Ministry of First Presbyterian Church

Licensed to provide child care for children from 6 weeks to 10 years of age, Joyful Noise is a full service daycare in a Joyful Noise1fun and Christ-centered environment. Joyful Noise Christian Childcare seeks to nurture and stimulate the growth of children in these five areas of childhood development:

    • Spiritually, to foster the development of Christian values by experiencing God’s love in Bible stories, prayer and music;
    • Socially, to facilitate the development of relationships characterized by caring, sharing and trust;
    • Emotionally, to encourage a positive self-image, recognition of feelings and the learning of self control;
    • Intellectually, to stimulate growth and critical thinking in all age-appropriate academic subjects, maintaining a non-competitive, fun-filled setting ;
    • Physically, to promote healthy eating and exercise habits, and to enhance the learning of age appropriate developmental tasks and self-care. For more information on Joyful Noise visit, or visit our facebook page: Joyful Noise Childcare