Playground Fundraiser

31 Aug 2020 | 12:00 pm

This past winter the Session approved a plan to redo our two playground areas. We were set to begin fundraising for those playgrounds when COVID-19 hit. Now that we have had a couple of months to evaluate how things are going, we are ready to raise funds for this playground.

Our hope is to raise $20,000 from the members of First Presbyterian Church. Are you able to give a gift of $500 or $200 or $50 or $2 towards this project? If so, please send a check to the church (508 Franklin, Grand Haven, MI 49417) specifying “playground.” The Session has approved matching your giving from the proceeds of the Alpha Fund. For every dollar you give, the Alpha fund will contribute two! Fundraising will also be happening among Joyful Noise families and alumni.