Creative Prayer

31 Oct 2020 | 12:00 am

This month we are encouraging everyone to creatively pray with their prayer partners. Creative prayer has no “rules.” It’s any method of prayer that allows you and your partner to turn towards God together. While we encourage you to engage in this practice in your own way, we are also equipping you with a creative way to practice Breath prayers. Breath prayers are exactly what they sound like: Short prayers to God that can be done in one breath.

Available for pickup in the Clinton side entrance are supplies to make a Breath prayer bracelet or keychain (whichever way of stringing beads works best for you!). Each bead has a different color that correlates to a specific Breath prayer. String these beads together, and strive to pray through them with your partner once or twice a week. Other methods of creative prayer could include writing or reading a poem, creating a piece of art, or singing a song together. The sky’s the limit!

Another way to participate in creative prayer this month is presented by the Visual Arts Committee, who invites all of you to contribute to a prayer wall outside of the church at the Franklin Street entrance.

This “wall” is modeled after the Western or Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, a location of spiritual significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Our wall will be open to the community and therefore is open to all belief traditions as well.

Beginning on Monday, October 5, please stop by the Franklin Street entrance to write a prayer on fabric, and attach it to our wall. Be creative! Your prayers can be written, but could alternatively consist of sketches, poems, favorite verses, quotes, etc. Supplies will be provided, and COVID concerns will be addressed with appropriate cleaning materials. At the end of the month, we’ll retrieve all prayers and offer them up through fire.