Estimate of Giving for 2024

Dear Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church,

Giving is personal. It is personal because it is what motivates us internally that frees us to give away from ourselves and to God’s purposes. It is personal because every person in our church has their own circumstances that determine their giving. It is personal because it is a direct response to God’s generosity to us and to our belief in how God is using our church. 

God is calling us to grow and serve in the coming year, and you are part of this plan!

You are important because each member and friend of First Presbyterian Church has the opportunity to grow by participating in the many parts of the life of the church – from worship to feeding our neighbors, from playing games with our youth to sharing the stories of Jesus with our children. Actively participating in the church is life-giving!

You are also important because the church relies on your faithful giving to support your church’s ministries. The people who give to First Presbyterian are the sole means of support we have. We only can operate as strongly as your giving allows us.

So, if you pledge year-after-year, thank you! If you have never pledged, I ask that you prayerfully consider starting. (Remember, a pledge is merely an estimate of giving. Should you need to, you can always change it).

We are excited about what the future holds for First Presbyterian. You are a part of that future.

In Christ,

Pastor Troy