Estimate of Giving for 2023

Dear Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church,

Giving is personal. It is personal because it is what motivates us internally that frees us to give away from ourselves and to God’s purposes. It is personal because every person in our church has their own circumstances that determine their giving. It is personal because it is a direct response to God’s goodness to us and to our belief in how God is using our church. 

God has called us together to be First Presbyterian Church of Grand Haven, and our church will be at its strongest when every person in our church says, “Count me in!” This is a response in faith to pledge our tithes and offerings. This is a response in faith to make space to offer our talents and time and creativity to the ministry. This is a response in faith to deepen our engagement with Jesus personally and together. 

I’m excited for us to say “Count me in!” as an act of faith this Generosity season. I ask that you read through this brochure and prayerfully consider what and how you will give. Then send in your pledge card – in person or online. We’ll be taking pictures of our “whys” of supporting the church and using those to encourage each other this season. 

It takes every one of us to do God’s work among us. I hope you’re ready to join the choir of voices saying, “Count me in!”

In Christ,

Pastor Troy